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Guangdong Yingbin Hotel is famous for the profound history and extensive culture, its history can trace back to the Qinhan Dynasty, and it is the Pingnan Palace and General Palace in Qing Dynasty. Before liberation it was the Executive Yuan of KMT Party. After the People’s Republic of China was founded, it changed to be the guest house for Guangzhou Military Commission , as well as the South China Branch Administrative Office. The present Guangdong Yingbin Hotel was formally founded in 1952, and named in 1956. In 2017, we finished the final step of Enterprise restructuring, and is now a member of Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co.,LTD.



The BiHai Building, hidden in the ancient trees, is very legendary. It used to be a Spanish villa. After being rebuilt, it became a building with unique Chinese Lingnan characteristics, and the Jing Hui Building,the LiuRong Building was listed by the Guangzhou Municipal Government as a group protection list of modern and modern excellent buildings. It is worth mentioning that the CEO Deluxe Suite of BiHai Building is dignified and elegant, Oriental characteristics,it has received Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Kim Il Sung, Sihanouk, Kissinger, Nixon and the International superstar Jackie Chan and countless domestic and foreign political celebrities.

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Guangdong Yingbin Hotel


No.603 of Jiefangbei Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou,China



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The Channels for Baiyun Airport To Guangdong Yingbin Hotel

By taxi: Need 60mins; About RMB100;

By Subway:Take line 3 from Airport to Jiahewanggang Station(嘉禾望岗站)→Exchange to Line 2 and arrive in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station  Exit D1纪念堂D1口)→ 10 mins walk to hotel


The Channels for Guangzhou South Railway Station To Guangdong Yingbin Hotel

By taxi: Need 30-40mins; About RMB 80-100;

By Subway:2 and arrive in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station  Exit D1纪念堂D1口)→ 10 mins walk to hotel

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Please call Manager Li to make a reservation

Tel: ( 86 ) 18927541393

House Type(房型)Price(价格)/RMBbreakfast(早餐)
King Room(大床房)5501
Twin Room(双床房)5002